Eurhythmics and Rhythmi


Eurhythmics and Rhythmi


Eurhythmics and Rhythmi

The First KMA Senior Model 2019 Competition Experience

KMA Senior Competition Explained

Myky Moon explains KMA 2019 Senior Model Competition


The first KMA senior model competition is on. 

After the first preliminary audition, 40 persons for each category was selected.

Intense ‘SNS’ voting was followed.

The 1st & 2nd Auditions

The first KMA senior model competition second round vote.

The first KMA senior model competition second round audition.

In line, waiting for the audition.

Audition Final

Wow! I made the selection for the Final Competition. Thank you all^^

Getting ready to goto dress fitting.

Crystal Dress Shop: Excited to go for selection!

XY Fashion Shop: Look forward to to seeing new fashion.

Three selections for a model.

DAY 1. Make-up & Photo Shoot

Getting the hair and make-up done for group photo shoot.

All dressed up. I am ready!

I feel so lovely…

Photo shoot for group editorial magazine.

Exercise for cat-walking shoulder movement

DAY 2 . Cat-walking

Streaching before cat-walking practice.

Lesson on cat-walking.

DAY 3 . More Cat-walking & News

A photo from Aju Economic News.

Dinner. Too much food…

DAY 4 . Cat-walking Rehearsal

News from Yeongdeung-po Lotte Department Store.

DAY 5 . The Competition Final

Congratulations! MYKY Moon wins the SNS Award!!!

The competition was fierce and extremely competitive. Among the thirty candidates there were only 15 awards available. Ms. Moon has stood out among the rest and performed with noticeable distinction.
It is only natural that she would win an award. The question was which award? Well, since she is already famous in internet through her past performance and a group of followers, she was destined to with the SNS Social Audition Award. The award signifies her influence in internet and it is the one of the most desired award she actually desired. Weldone, MYKY! You have won.